Oil, soap etc.

Oil Soap (Woca, Aquamarine, Rigostep, etc).

Maintenance for oil treated with parquet,
On this page you will find all the care products with oil treated floors of various brands. No idea what brand you? Woca is a top quality universal care system suitable for all with hard wax oil and whole oil-treated wood floors.

Maintenance oil gives the floor a fresh look, dries quickly and can be used locally. Maintenance Oil is economical and convenient for routine maintenance. A 'must-have' for every proud owner of a oil-treated wooden floor.
However, you should note it in the special maintenance plan to find your mark on our homepage.

Maintenance Soap is a special "feeding" product which allows for incremental protect your floor, so clean it out! So do you use the special Eco Multicleaner combination with the special Opti Set to make sure that the floor can not get too wet and oil etc. optimally arranged.

Is your floor dull and barren? Then the base layer in such a way affected, and there is not enough according to the maintenance work through which the base layer become, as it were consumed. The Master or oil base which is, moreover, also be used locally ensures that the base layer become re-established when there are poor spots are by local wear, also called '' loop streets ''. base oil is easy to use and has a resistance increasing effect.
Note Well then immediately move on with our special maintenance to mte sure it did not happen, as there namely creeps too much dirt and scratches, etc. is above no longer sufficient and will need to be sanded out there, but this is often the most floors even up to 2 times as possible in connection with V-grooves or small nails, etc.


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