Furniture Wood, Leather and Textile

Maintenance products for all Wood, Leather and Textile furniture,

On this page you will find all maintenance products for all furniture of various brands, Wood, Leather or Textile, No idea what brand you have? Fixx and Orange are top quality universal maintenance systems suitable for all furniture treated with hardwax oil and full Oil or Boenwas, also for all textile and leather furniture.

Maintenance oil or wax gives the furniture a fresh look, dries quickly and can be used locally. Maintenance Oil or Wax is economical to use and convenient for periodic maintenance. A 'must have' for every proud owner of an oil-treated furniture.

Fixx Ecotone oil is a special safe maintenance oil so it does not clean! for this you use the special Eco Multi Cleaner which is also in a Spray form.

If you can not find it use the above search bar and enter a keyword like, Leer, Textiel or Oranje, Fixx etc.

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