Tisa-Line Twister Diamond Pad Green

Twister Diamond Pad Green End step of the Standard or Intensive method and also intended for the daily maintenance of the floor. This step ensures that the beautiful shine of the surface is good when used regularly ...
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Twister Diamond Pad Green,

Final step of the Standard or Intensive method and also intended for the daily maintenance of the floor. This step ensures that the beautiful gloss of the surface is well maintained when used regularly. Twister Groen is ideal for all floors, such as stone, vinyl and linoleum. For polishing HTC Superfloor, terrazzo and natural stone surfaces at high speed.

Standard sizes 13 and 16 inches in stock, other sizes up to 28inch to order.
delivery time usually only 1 to 2 days.
Standard packing is 2 pieces so therefore minimum order quantity always 2 pieces.

Other sizes delivered from stock are,

  • 13 inches
  • 16 inches
  • 17 inches
  • 20 inches

Also all other colors and types available with 1 to 2 days, all colors and sizes, please call or email your order: 013 850 1080

Tisa distributes the 'diamond' floor pads of Twister since 2010. The choice for Twister diamond pads is a logical choice because Wecovi explicitly opts for 'green' products.

Twister is a revolutionary 'green' system for cleaning floors. The floor pads are equipped with billions of microscopic diamonds. Instead of using cleaning agents, the Twister pads clean the floor mechanically with only water. The Twister pads are applicable to single disc machines and scrubbers and suitable for all types of floors.

Color coding
Twister has different colors, each with its own application. Depending on the contamination, different colors of floor pads are used during normal cleaning work.

Why choose the Twister pads?
Major advantages of using Twister diamond pads are:

  • shortening the cleaning time
  • not having to use chemicals means no costs for detergents and safer working environment
  • a long life
  • more shine
  • the applicability on all machines
  • savings in cleaning costs between 40 to 60%

The pads are available in many different sizes. Because there are no more cleaning agents and less cleaning needs to be done, the use of Twister benefits. Calculate your savings when you switch to Twister.

Applications Twister floor pads

Twister can be used on most floors such as terrazzo, natural stone, concrete, PVC, vinyl, ceramic tiles and rubber floors and can turn worn floors into clean, glossy and shiny polished floors. For example, the Twister path Xtreme is the problem solver for the industry. The Twister red pad for the intensive cleaning of worn, stone floors.

Calculate how much you save and see which Twisterpads Tisa supplies from stock or find your nearest distributor.

More and more cleaning specialists opt for 'green' products. The Twister pads are a good example of this. Twister pads therefore fit perfectly within a CSR cleaning plan.

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