Products tagged with siliconen kit

Zwaluw Exterior acrylic + (Acrylic outdoor)

Acryl Exterieur + (Acrylic outdoor) High-quality acrylic for indoor and outdoor Acryl Exterior + is a high quality acrylic which after application is fast rain resistant. After application the product forms a plasto-elas ...

Zwaluw Silicone NO (sanitary kit)

Zwaluw Silicone-NO (Den Braven) is a durable neutral hardening, mildew proof set, elastic sealant based on high-quality silicones, which adheres particularly well to most surfaces without primer. Good ...

Zwaluw Silicone NM (Silicone Kit)

Zwaluw Silicone NM (Den Braven) (silicone sanitary kit for natural stone) Description Zwaluw Silicone NM is a high quality, neutral hardening fungicide friendly, durable elastic sealant based on special polysilox ...

Zwaluw Silicone Sanitary Transparent

Zwaluw Silicone Sanitary Transparent (Den Braven) Sanitary Silicone is an acid hardening, mold-friendly, durable elastic sealant based on silicones, which is highly resistant to water, moisture, mold, clean ...

Tisa-Line Bison Openhaardkit (Fireproof) 310ml

Bison Openhaardkit (Fireproof) 310ml BISON FIREPLACES KIT An easily sprayable, black sealant water glass base. For refractory repair and sealing cracks, seams and joints of fireplaces, burners, stoves and Schoors ...
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