About us

Started from a very small setting to the largest online floor-based webshop at the moment, and we are pretty proud of that. It has literally cost us blood of sweat and tears, and it has been accompanied by the well-known pitfalls, but eventually we are now 40 years old and the company is neat.
In addition, we have now become the authority regarding the specialization in wood finishing and maintenance for both indoors and outdoors.
In addition, we are a total supplier of many brands and there are a large number of products that can be ordered exclusively with us for the Benelux.
We therefore handle the largest stock and have many roads leading to Rome which makes us the ideal partner if you are in a difficult job that needs to be done quickly. We often say "we are as flexible as an elastic" and what others do not want and / or can be of our own accord.

Of course, we will not sit back, no, we'll go! Every day again we put in a lot of energy to make things go smoothly, holidays do not work out, and the free days are just compulsory, so we are always open and / or accessible.
We are only happy if you are!

In the meantime, we have grown well and we are proud to announce that we are officially and owner of the following webshops ,,

Why buy with us?

  1. Largest Stock, 98% off stock!
  3. Always packed everything up and top! Things will always be in top condition for you.
  4. Many payment options.
  5. And of course a very competitive price!
  6. Boneco always has 2 years full warranty!
  7. Super fast delivery for 16 hours ordered the next morning at home! (Over 95%)
  8. Everything for companies and individuals.
  9. Available throughout the year in the holidays.
  10. Always crispy products (so fresh from the factory).
  11. Reliable Deliverers, PostNL, UPS, DHL and Transmission.
  13. Very close cooperation with all manufacturers and importers, so we can always provide you with the right information and possible delivery times.
  14. Dutch supplier of humidifiers and floor products.
  15. Main and by far the largest distributor in the Benelux of all Osmo and Woca products for both indoors and outdoors.
  16. Complete range supplier for Osmo, Woca, Auro, Aquamarijn, Rigostep, Evert Koning, Boneco etc. etc.

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