Scrub pads & Sheds

Special Boen pads and nets Grinding, Sanding etc.

Excellence Boen pads and grinding / sanding net, Tisa delivers only the best quality pads etc as you are ultimately cheaper and get your floor or furniture a lot nicer and better finished, USE IN NO EVENT PADS FROM BOUWMARKT OR a rental ED Die quality is miserable and they are often used by other customers and that is a wooden floor is not an option.
We only supply the best quality pads include Norton, Bona Sia etc at a very competitive price.
So everything in every size is available but here is ready to buy everything in 13 and 16 inches and all the Rotex or other Festool, Makita rotary sander to 150mm.
So both sandpaper with 17 holes and dust Multihole and new Abranet abrasive buffs absolutely scratch-free sanding Mirka can be ordered from us.

Everything for the full sanding and finishing wood floors, parquet, tiles, linoleum, Marmoleum, Stone, cork, PVC etc etc.

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