Swallow Kitten (Acrylate / sealant)

Swallow Kitten (Acrylate / sealant)

Swallow's top supplier of many kitsoorten for many applications, so we have these special High Tack kit that can be used for all applications in and around the house, it is simply THE BEST OF MOUNTING! it is a very good product, and not a fixed time so inkitten, 2 to 3 minutes waiting, assemble and voila it is stuck, and after 2 hours it is deadlocked.
We do this yourself regularly throughout the renovations, and are very excited about this. Recently we are also very excited about the Hybrifix, which is to get into a color and bonded with us in stock, our completely new (wooden) office is Hybrifix and is very sturdy.

The Acrylic Anti crack is an amazing Not ripping acrylic for skirting boards etc.
New is the Acrylic kit for outside, which does not prejudge when he gets wet.

We can supply the full range of Swallow / Den Braven for both the Individual and Small and Wholesale so even though you will not be anything please call or email us and we'll make sure your box, carton or pallet with 1 to 3 days at home has.

We are also the only one with special emergency options including even delivered today, but also express delivery the next working day before 11 am, evening delivery the next day, PakjeGemak pickup points etc etc.
So if you have a job and you will sealant or glue deficit call or mail us and we'll help you.

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