Parquet Paint, Varnish for parquet, wood etc.

Parquet Lacquer is a thin film layer that remains on the wooden surface. This ensures a durable and easy to clean surface. Fog well maintained, resistant to everyday use such as dirt, coffee, wine, etc. Parquet Lacquer is available in various gloss levels, from Parquet Extra Matt to gloss.

One component or two components Parquet?

Each parquet is now water-or polyurethane basis which makes for a pleasant and comfortable handling. Waterborne parquet varnish dries by removing the oxygen from the air through which it draws moisture out and therefore hardens the lacquer. Parquet two components is from the same base. Otherwise, it is, however, that the second component serves as a curing agent. The lacquer is finally harder and is therefore more resistant to wear. It also comes with good adhesion, which this parquet is more suitable for repainting an already varnished parquet flooring or furniture.
Think of the Rigostep Duo Mat or if you have a very durable surface Wishes Rigostep Projectlak is the best choice.

Tisa only top quality and freshest products consequence, unlike a number of discount chains and get rid of things you've come always assured of the best kwalitiet at a competitive price.

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