Parquet Lacquer, Lacquer for Parquet, Wood etc.

Parquet Lacquer is a thin film layer that remains on the wooden surface. This ensures a durable and maintenance-friendly surface. If properly maintained, resistant to all daily uses such as dirt, coffee, wine etc. Parquet Lacquer is available in various gloss levels, from Parquet Lacquer Extra Mat to Gloss.

1 component or 2 components Parquet lacquer?

Nowadays, every parquet lacquer is water or polyurethane-based, which ensures pleasant and comfortable processing. Waterborne parquet lacquer dries by removing the oxygen from the air, so that the moisture pulls out of the lacquer and therefore hardens. Two-component parquet varnish is basically the same. However, it is different that the second component serves as a hardener. The paint eventually becomes harder and is therefore more durable. It also benefits the adhesion, which makes this parquet lacquer more suitable for overcoating an already varnished parquet floor or furniture.
Think of the Rigostep Duo Mat or if you want a very durable surface, the Rigostep Projectlak is the best choice.

Or as they are called now, STEP 2K and 1K and STEP Cork varnish.

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