Hardwax Oil

Hardwax Oil from Osmo, Woca etc,

Hardwax Oil is a product that is easy to process and quickly gives a dirt and water-repellent surface. These properties provide a practical and stain-resistant solution. Once cured Osmo Hardwax Oil is an extremely powerful and durable protection that is either lightly shiny 3032 or beautiful MAT 3062. HardwaxOlie is suitable for all wooden surfaces indoors, even in bathrooms, kitchens and other '' wet '' areas HardwaxOlie is excellent. (NOTE: Osmo can also be used very well on Concrete, Stone, Tiles, Cork, Linoleum, etc.) In addition, floors treated with HardwaxOlo are very friendly to maintain and, thanks to the increasingly nourishing operations that you carry out with the Maintenance Plan, they become more attractive and better protected, so instead of breaking off you will build up with this and after a few years you will have a supervloiler.

Do you want to treat wet rooms? Please contact us first for the correct construction so that you do not run into problems.

Osmo Hardwax oil is the absolute market leader in the field of Hardwax oil for furniture and parquet.

NEW is the Woca Hardwax oil which is available in Natural and Extra WIT and in 0.75 and 2.5 liter packaging, this is also a very good product which you can use for every wooden object in the house and with which you have a very good protection apply.

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