Paint for interior and exterior for wood, walls etc.

Tisa delivers the complete range Evert King, Auro, Aquamarine nature paint etc.
All this paints is largely bought full color in any RAL color (or other code) you want.
The Paint D'eko and D'ega EK are the absolute top and really very beautiful and durable.
a super problem solver for within the special Skyn which you smooth stucco etc. can finish paper thin.
For window frames and exterior work, you can take the Evert King Rexo 4Q this is a pretty great product that you will definitely be surprised.

So we provide wood and wall paint inside and outside, and if desired, full color mixed with any paint that is available in color can be with the article to enter your color code, make addition, please note that you complete it fully, eg, Sikkens 9010 or NCS 391-61 etc.
This is no delay your order immediately clear to us and runs.

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