Boneco Air

Boneco Air, Humidifiers, Air Purifiers etc.

It again suggests that the high summer but the winter is really coming!
If the outside temperature drops inside the heating is put a notch higher.
This allows the humidity drops in your home and create dry air.
Dry heating air is not only bad for your health, but also has negative effects on your floor or furniture and piano etc. The wood will dry out which krimpnaadjes and cracks can occur.
It is therefore important to keep indoor humidity at the right level, both you and your parquet area feel better at a humidity of between 50 and 60%. for this is for several years the main supplier for the entire government and offers you the best materials at a dry indoor environment, and we are one of few companies fully specialized in this matter and can thus provide in all cases the best advice.
We are also supplier of the Swiss brand Boneco that you always make the best choice for this brand stands out for many years by providing a good consistent quality in this "niche" market and they still know how to develop the right equipment for the right target audience.
In short, you need a humidifier then you have Tisa to the right place.

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