Buitenhout (Osmo / Woca)

Buitenhout (Osmo / Woca)

Tisa is by far the largest distributor in the Benelux of the complete Osmo and Woca outdoor assortment, the fantastic Natural oil stain and Eenmaalbeits from Osmo and Exterior Oils from Woca are truly the best products currently on the market.
The first contain so-called Biocide active ingredients which provide anti-rot protection, against blue coloring, woodworm, etc. In addition, these products are particularly unique because it does NOT REMOVE or RIPs and allows the wood to breathe so moisture and dirt can not penetrate and thus also no rotting of your wood! it therefore does NOT have to be sanded when you apply a new layer, just taking a soapy solution is sufficient.

We have all the technical knowledge to build your outdoor project as well as possible, whether it is a log cabin, stable, extension, garden house, terrace, patio, barn or chalet or furniture and for individuals as well as small and large companies , governments, municipalities etc. in all cases we are the only pure wood finishing specialist in the Benelux you can best advise and by the right construction you will be able to enjoy the beautiful wood for a very long time, without a high investment of both energy and financial.

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