Swallow Den Braven Sealants,

Den Braven Sealants is a fast growing, dynamic and leading multinational company with approximately 1,200 enthusiastic employees, of which 10 manufacturing companies, 20 sales & distribution offices and two application companies belong. The company has a worldwide network of sales outlets.

Since its inception (1974) the company has specialized in producing high-quality sealants (ISO 11.600 certification) such as acrylates, Silicone, Butyl's, MS polymers, polyurethanes for construction, industrial and do-it-yourself sector. Den Braven Sealants also produces in-house PU foams, technical aerosols and adhesives.

Application to about

Sealing materials for construction, glazing, plumbing, installation, industrial and do-it-yourself sector. A broad term. The delivery is therefore a careful composition of products that closely together in terms of application. This range consists of high-grade products such as: stop pastes, butyl's, acrylates, silicones, polyurethanes, MS-polymers, polysulfides, adhesives, PU-foams, processing equipment, sealing tapes and fillers.

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