Woca (formerly Trip Trap) products for the maintenance and protection of wood floors, furniture and exterior wood

"Wood is a natural product. With a treatment that the natural qualities of wood ensures the surface remains durable, beautiful and strong. This philosophy works WOCA Denmark over 25 years consciously to the development and improvement of effective products for wood care. With heart the environment was manufactured a complete range of natural resources. The matching products for the protection of wood, inside and outside, are the result. "

Tisa is the only one in the Benelux total supplier and brand specialist Woca the entire range of interior and exterior as well as the Dutch government is one of our largest customers for Woca products, where we do the guidance and counseling.
Did you know that Tisa official administrator of the following domains ,,

  • www.wocaolie.nl
  • www.wocaolie.be
  • www.wocaoil.nl
  • www.wocaoil.be

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Woca Maintenance ,,

Woca Basic treatment ,,

Woca Outdoor Products ,,

  • Woca Exterior Oil - for Terrace, fence and wall, furniture etc.
  • Woca Exterior Cleaner - Cleaner for exterior normal
  • Woca Wood Degreaser and intensive cleaner for outside


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