RigoStep Paint and Oil

Floors can be finished in many ways, but those looking for a lasting beautiful and durable protection, choose Parquet, Kurklak, Floor Varnish or Skylt of RigoStep. Under the name RigoStep develops, manufactures and markets Rigo Special Coatings product range very beautiful and very high quality professional finishing systems.

RigoStep Skylt Floor Varnish - invisible wood protection with RigoStep Skylt Ultramat finished surfaces - including wood, cork, stone, vinyl, linoleum or paints - seem untreated, but faced with RigoStep Skylt Ultramat an extremely solid Ultramat armor that although protecting invisible, perfectly against the influences of everyday life.

We supply the complete range Rigostep! so you can buy everything here, you do not see it standing call or email us then we will help direct further and you have everything in the house as well tomorrow.

  • RigoStep Clean
  • RigoStep Polish
  • RigoStep Skylt Floor Varnish
  • RigoStep Skylt Conditioner
  • RigoStep Floor Varnish
  • RigoStep cork paint
  • RigoStep Rainbow - opaque floor coating in all colors
  • New Rigostep Royl Oil range.
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