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Montana IR 180A, Sunheat, infrared heater, ensures a highly efficient (economic), safe and comfortable heating for your living room, practice room, office, summer house, attic or basement. The heat spreads evenly and quickly in the vicinity of the stove. At a relative humidity of at least 40% (50% is considered ideal, with an improvement can Boneco humidifier) makes Montana IR 180A for the most effective and economical heating without air drying. The infra-red heater even heats the water particles that are present in the air so that the heat throughout and evenly penetrates into the space. The heat remittance of water particles everywhere present in the air creates heat dissipation from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling.

The "Sunheat" technology ensures that the heat which six (industrial quality) quartz infrared lamps (250 watts each) three ennobled warm copper pipes that give off their heat in the exhaust air. This is called Transitive Infrared Heating. The hot air is so active, by means of a silent fan with high circulation rate,
into space.

You save between 30 and 50% in energy costs when you use the heater in spaces where you spend the most time. Your standard heating system, you can then adjust considerably lower. The residents of an average home stays 80% of their time in

only 20% of the house. Then use your cell Montana IR 180A Infrared sensors heater in those spaces where you spend the most time. Also ideal as a backup heating during autumn and spring, when the temperature is slightly too low.