Lecol / Lobadur products,

Lecol offers innovative products and complete solutions for the installation, finishing and maintenance of parquet and wooden floors. The products have mutually eenversterkend within a system and successful impact on each other. The result is a quick and reliable installation and finishing.

Lecol maintenance Wood Flooring, Parquet and Laminate Below is the total package of Lecol aimed at laying parquet and solid wood flooring. The many experiments is a complete range arise which can perfectly fill all common daily needs and requirements. The products score well on ease of use, setting time, open time and strength.

Attention has recently Lecol enter not all under its own brand, but under the banner of the actual producer Loba, it may be that you get the product with Loba or Lobadur label, rest assured the content is exactly the same only the tear-away label otherwise.

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  • Lecol Maintenance
  • Lecol impregnating
  • Lecol Parquet
  • Lecol Parquet Adhesive
  • Lecol Joint Filler
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