Gaggia is the best known Italian manufacturer of coffee machines for professional use and for domestic use.

Gaggia narrates a history in product development for more than 70 years in the wake of modern technological developments and Italian design. The brilliant idea in 1938 was to steam pressure to use hot water to squeeze in order to extract all the flavors and smells, and also to provide a rich crema layer. Finely ground coffee Achille Gaggia in 1948 founded the company that today still exists in Milan.

The commercial breakthrough came in 1948 when Achille also a new patent filed. He introduced a spring in a trade-driven piston. The spring provided in the pressure that the water is pressed through the coffee in a short period of time: 15 seconds for a small black coffee.

Gaggia machines have been further developed into the modern ones you see today.

With the advent of the Gaggia Titanium in 2004 with two thermo blocks for rapid steam and coffee, full steel and stainless steel with electronic display, was launched in the Netherlands for a new trend in espresso machines.

We now see the introduction in 2010 of the Accademia easily controlled digitally controlled fully automatic machine and unique in design. A machine that grinds coffee beans with the press of a button dispenses coffee sets, resulting in a fantastic cup of Italian coffee, espresso or cappuccino.

Tisa provides basically the entire Gaggia range because we love coffee so well like it to do with it, you see something not stand call or email just because we can just order.

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