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Fixx Products is a total supplier for all your oiled leather or fabric or furniture, delivers the complete range of Fixx,

Wood is a fantastic natural product which is suitable for various purposes. Just as human beings, every tree different, even the smallest constituents are different from each other. That's what makes wood so interesting. Another special feature of wood is the great variety of natural colors and veins that cause slight color and nerfschakeringen inevitable and confirm it the authentic character of wood.
It is available in numerous types and each type has its own color, hardness and grain. Timber, for the furniture comes from conifers and deciduous trees. Conifers are found in The Netherlands and Scandinavia. Because these trees grow relatively fast, a soft wood. Arises Examples are spruce and pine. Deciduous trees are mainly from the United States and Europe and are characterized by slow growth, which the wood is usually harder. Examples include oak, birch, beech and teak.
Because wood can shrink under the influence of dry air and off by moist air is advisable to have a stable humidity of 50-60% in the room always provided.
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