Boneco Air Quality Systems,

If there is something that characterizes Switzerland, then it is the clean air in the beautiful nature. How nice would it be if you could also enjoy it at home? BONECO healthy air makes that possible. This Swiss brand has been offering excellent quality and innovative solutions for many years. The products are divided into three categories. The Purifiers clean the air and filter out the dust, the pollen, any smoke and unpleasant odors. The Humidifiers make it possible to humidify the air in different ways. For those who want the best of both worlds, there is a HYBRID. This is an air cleaner and humidifier in one. In addition, all products of this brand look beautiful and they are a jewel for every space. It is not for nothing that BONECO healthy air has even won awards for its designs. Enjoy the luxury of clean air indoors, with BONECO healthy air.

Improve the quality of your life. A better quality environment for you.
Now take a deep breath. Boneco has improved the quality of the air. In your home, in your office or at the workplace. Wherever you go, you feel the perfect blend of innovation and design that is represented in our superior quality and technical advanced air handling systems.
Whether it is an air scrubber, cold evaporator, ultrasonic humidifier, air purifier or dehumidifier of the brand Boneco Air-O-Swiss. Plaston develops and manufactures functional solutions that set the standard in the market.

The Boneco 2055D is the only air scrubber with built-in ioniser, aroma evaporator and is equipped with a digital control system and hygrometer. (The new Boneco W490 and the new top model Boneco H680 have this feature now) For fresh air wherever you go, the practical travel ultrasonic humidifier 7046 is the solution for hot dry bedrooms. The cold evaporator 2441 in white or black has a very distinctive design, rewarded with the "Red dot Design Award".

Thanks to Swiss precision technology, we present the small safe ECO solution such as the Ionic Siver Stick for maintaining bacteria-free water or the descaling cartridge. The 7531N is equipped with a Dutch modification "the snorkel".

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