Bona Floor Products

'Best to bring out in wood flooring' is the motto and the process by which Bona since 1919 makes distinctive wood products. Through an innovative intel ment and lofty ambitions make that Bona is always looking to improve their products. With Bona flooring products, you are therefore guaranteed the best quality.

Bona Mega Parquet waterborne one-component
Bona is the leader in water-based paints for wood floors. They guarantee a first class result - beautiful, durable and easy to handle wood floors,
Take for example Bona Mega Parquet. This is a one pot 100% water-based polyurethane. It is a two-component top coat which the oxygen is used as a hardening agent in the air. The paint is odorless, extremely durable, non-flammable, contains approximately 5% solvent and is resistant to the usual household chemicals.

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