Boneco P50 Air Ioniser (choose your color)

Boneco P50 Air Ioniser + Aroma Evaporator (choose your color) Consumption 1 watt Sound <25 DBa stand 1 of the fan Dimensions 6.3 x 6.3 x 17.8 cm. Weight 0.3 kg, Aroma pad suitable for all types of essential oils. USB-C cable
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Boneco P50 Air Ioniser + Aroma Evaporator,

Consumption 1 watt Sound <25 DBa on position 1 of the fan.
Dimensions 6.3 x 6.3 x 17.8 cm.
Weight 0.3 kg.
Aroma pad suitable for all types of essential oils.
USB-C cable.


Who benefits from the Boneco Air Ioniser P 50?

Because the P 50 cleans the air of fine dust, smog, smoke, pollen and bacteria, everyone can enjoy the benefits of purified air.

The positive of negative ions.

Of great importance to the quality of our air is the natural balance of positive and negative ions, of which we inhale about one million every second. In healthy air, the ratio between position and negative ions is about fiftyfifty. It is even better if the negative ions predominate.

However, in spaces where we are located there is usually a large shortage of negative air electricity.

Many people therefore suffer from drowsiness, fatigue, headaches, lack of energy and concentration, insomnia, an undefined sense of discomfort or respiratory diseases.

A surplus of negative ions on the other hand improves the oxygen effect. It gives energy, it increases performance, concentration and the feeling of well-being.

Negative ions occur in high concentrations at waterfalls, after a thunderstorm, when the sea is surfaced, under the shower and in the green mountains. That is why many people in spas such as Davos, Sankt Moritz and Marienbad so refurbish.

Negative ion destroyer.

How is it that we often stay so unhealthy inside? Getting Started To start with, rooms are shut down most of the time because of our climate. One tends to keep the healthy air out with the cold at the same time. Much synthetic material is processed in furniture, carpets and household appliances.

At work, "fresh" air from outside is often supplied by an air exchange system that constantly circulates the same air through metal pipes. More and more use is made of displays and electronic equipment.
Then we do not even talk about things like house dust or fine dust that we just experience and we all notice the influence of thunder or heavy clouds. All these substances and influences make the negatively charged ions unworkable and the air feels dull and dead.

Not out of the blue.
It is not surprising that such an important phenomenon of our modern age has prompted science to research.

Biologists such as L. Hawkins (GB), Prof. dr. Kreuger (USA) and Prof. dr. Sulman (Israel) means the great pioneers in that area. They and many others show in more than 200 publications on this subject the importance of negative ions for our health. NASA researchers find a connection between cancer and negative ions. Other researchers relate this to the risk of thrombosis and myocardial infarction. But also fewer life-threatening ailments such as asthma, allergy and arthritis are adversely affected by a shortage of negative ions. Overall, and a quarter of the people are extra sensitive to an imbalance in the ionic equilibrium, but in fact this situation is harmful to everyone.
Air ionization and company fitness.

The new, cheap and effective way that complements healthy business operations is artificial air ionisation.

It happens with a small device that saturates the environment where you are, saturated with negative ions and about 90% of the harmful substances and bacteria from the air. Dr. Hawkins from the University of Surrey in England did a lot of double blind research in office and business situations ... In air, rich in negative ions, people show significant improvement in alertness, work more efficiently and feel healthier and more comfortable.

Some data: People with allergies, hay fever or hyper ventilation felt a clear improvement (71%). The effect is particularly noticeable in Cara patients (65%).
At least 74% of people with migraine report a significant improvement.
24% of rheumatism and osteoarthritis patients reported a decrease in symptoms.
The sick leave in a night shift in a company with screens has dropped from 36% to 6%. At another company, headaches have dropped by 30%.

In schools the performance and concentration level increases, and remarkably fewer mistakes are made.
(Dutch research in Leiden by Drs. Van Kesteren).

In an animal special case with birds the owner got allergy. When placing an Ioniser, the bacterial level in the air went back by about 85% (Utrecht University).

In breeding, optimal growth is achieved without the usual stress phenomena. Allergic reactions from people who work in it reduce or disappear completely.
World Health Organization: It is certain that these ions are essential for good mental and physical health.
The Ideal combination: A Boneco P 50 works best in a room with an air humidity of approx. 40-55% RH.
An ideal humidifier is the Boneco W 200 air scrubber that not only maintains the humidity in the air naturally but also washes the air of dust, pollen and other air pollution. Suitable for a space of 150 m3.

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